Vinyl & Design

Oban Construction, LLC now offers a vinyl design service.  Our graphic designer graduated from Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s in Digital Arts and Design. Using computer software he is able to create new imagery or logos and then is able to bring them to a vinyl cutter.  If you already have a logo in mind we are able to cut what you already have designed with a little bit of time to convert it to our cutter.  Currently our cutter can utilize 23.55 inches wide by any length within a standard vinyl roll.  On stock, we carry a variety of outdoor Oracal vinyl colors and have the ability to order almost anything we need.  Choosing a vinyl cutter is a great option for outdoor vinyl signs or for vehicle decals.  Unlike a raster printer, our vinyl cuts smooth edges on your design instead of leaving a blurred look.  After the design/cutting is finished we are also able to do placement onto the surface of your choosing whether that is a sign blank or vehicle, etc.  Our employees do not use any liquid solutions when placing so there is lower chances of having adhesive issues later.  The vinyl we purchase is of the highest quality we can get, in fact we use the exact same vinyl on our own equipment for logo advertising along with unit numbers.  For the past 3 years we have done many projects for farmers, businesses, and private work.  If you are interested in any potential vinyl work, contact us via email or phone and we will be glad to create the design and vinyl work you need.